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Tdf 1.0 Indoor Trainer Cycle

Tdf 1.0 Indoor Trainer Cycle 5 out of 5 based on 25 ratings.

Designed with a powergrade incline and decline, 3 piece crank, Digital Silent Magnetic Resistance™, an inertia enhanced flywheel and a freewheel clutch to keep the motion of the bike consistent at all times, giving the feel of a real road bike, the new TDF 1.0 Indoor Trainer Cycle is.

No matter the route, no matter the terrain, your TDF 1.0 automatically adjusts the incline and decline to simulate the actual landscape. With impressive 15 percent incline and decline capability, you can fully train all year for any course in the world.

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The new ProForm TDF 1.0, now on sale for $999, is a feature-rich exercise bike for all skill levels. It’s the most affordable of three indoor cycle trainers in the ProForm Tour de France series, but it has the same performance essentials as the higher models.

The ProForm TDF Pro 1.0 Indoor Cycle Trainer simulates outdoor riding with help from interactive Google Maps workouts. This bike can train beginners through elite cyclists as they prepare for outdoor rides or just aim for calorie burn and physical fitness.

The TDF Pro 5.0 is billed as ProForm’s top indoor cycle trainer. ProForm developed the bike in a partnership with Le Tour de France organizers. The pro input is evident in the bike’s unique training programs and performance features that especially appeal to competitive cyclists.

Apr 14, 2016  · ProForm TDF Pro 1.0 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review: Everything You Need to Know Subscribe Now: Hope Your Enjoy!.

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