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Excite+ Unity Synchro Elliptical Crosstrainer

Excite+ Unity Synchro Elliptical Crosstrainer 5 out of 5 based on 43 ratings.

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Created and designed to help eliminate muscle and joint strain during training, the Synchro, the professional elliptical trainer, helps improve coordination and balance. From athletes to the elderly, the total body cardiovascular exercise of the Synchro helps to reduce fat mass as well as improve muscle, joint elasticity and flexibility.

The TechnoGym crosstrainer Excite+ Synchro 700 Unity silver used is a professional elliptical trainer which absorbs shocks during running simulation, thus protecting your joints. Placed in the rear, the flywheel allows for smooth and quiet running. During running, the feet never leave the pedals, which were designed for natural movement.

Technogym Excite+ Synchro Unity Elliptical Trainer Product Code: TGELSYNU The innovative Technogym Excite+ Synchro delivers an engaging and effective elliptical workout.

The natural elliptical movement Excite® Synchro recreates the movement of the body when walking or running. The natural elliptical movement provides an extremely effective cardio exercise. The natural elliptical movement provides an extremely effective cardio exercise.

Technogym Excite+ Unity Synchro Elliptical Crosstrainer Product Code: TGELESU Experience the new and powerful hardware of the Excite+ Unity Synchro, featuring 1 – 25 difficulty levels, a resistance of 30-500 at 120 SPM (Watts) and a generous 15.6” LCD WIDE 16:9 screen.

The Synchro Excite+ Elliptical has two display options; an LED display and the new UNITY interface created by TechnoGym. UNITY is one of the most advanced Android-based touch platforms allowing intuitive control of the machines, countless entertainment options through internet, TV, games, and even apps from the Android Play store.

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